I found my love for photography in 2012 at a photo session I'd gifted myself with for my 30th birthday. The experience was so much fun that I decided to purchase my own camera and so my journey as a photographer began!

Years later, after becoming a mom - I started dabbling with videography. Initially it was just home videos of my son, but I found myself taking small moments and creating stories about his childhood. From there I started capturing the stories of entrepreneurs in my community.  

And here we are now ...as a full-time photographer, filmmaker and homeschooling parent I couldn't be more fulfilled.  

I believe when we follow our hearts, we can achieve incredible things & the world is made better because of it. For this reason I created smALL bUSiness: Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy for Kids. It's for my son & other Black kids who aren't being taught in school how to build their own futures and generational wealth. This program is in collaboration with countless other Black entrepreneurs from whom I've learned - and your purchase helps to reach & empower one more Big Dreamer! This labor of love continues to be an inspiration to me & it is my hope that it will be for many more to come!